La Formica: preserving Monte Pisano’s built heritage

La Formica is a company specialising in rural construction and earthmoving services.

We excel in restoring and renovating rural buildings and infrastructure, conducting soil modelling, excavation and embankment works, for both public and private sector clients.

Operating primarily in the province of Pisa and surrounding areas, we possess in-depth knowledge of the local area and terrain.


Edilizia rurale: panorama dall'alto

Earthmoving services

Terracing plays a crucial role in preventing landslides and floods, combating erosion and desertification, and enhancing the stability of sloping land.

Dry stone masonry techniques offer an effective solution for safeguarding terraced landscapes, supporting efforts to prevent hydrogeological instability and land degradation.

La Formica specialises in land modelling for construction and land management purposes, as well as the construction and restoration of terraces, including the building and rehabilitation of dry stone walls. Our services also encompass constructing walls and palisades, maintaining and restoring gravel roads, landslide prevention and remediation, and water management for streams, ditches, rivers, and embankments.

Excavators, bulldozers, terracing, dry stone walls


Rural building

La Formica specialises in renovating predominantly rural residential buildings, on Monte Pisano and in neighbouring areas. We construct structures essential for farming activities, catering to both the operational needs of the farm or smallholding, and the domestic life of residents in rural settings.

Construction and restoration 


Forestry and woodland operations

La Formica provides pruning services, tall tree felling, greenery maintenance, and fire line marking activities. Additionally, we maintain, restore, and mark paths in forest and woodland environments.

Greenery maintenance, footpaths and fire lines


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